Sunday, 10 March 2013

Melvin Washington Detroit - Founder and President of Phoenix Group Consultants

Founder and President of Phoenix Group Consultants, a developer of affordable and market rate housing and Castle Construction, a builder of housing utilizing LIHTC, MSHDA financing, also partner with community organization helping build capacity.

Mr. Washington also worked as a Project Manager with First Centrum, a company that specialized in construction management of multi-family rental projects through state and federal government agencies utilizing LIHTC. At First Centrum, Mr. Washington was directly involved in the construction of over 2,000 apartments, condominium and single-family homes representing over 50 projects and more than $300 million in development.

Mr. Washington was also the recipient of the Spirit of Detroit Award, recognized as the largest developer/contractor of housing in the City of Detroit. Other accomplishments include For- Profit Developer of the Year from the Michigan Capital Fund for Housing; a reputation as one of Michigan State Housing and Development Authority’s best builders; and the completion of a nationally recognized historic building that serves as headquarters for Castle Construction and the Phoenix Companies.

Mr. Washington has also served as a mentor, provided assistance and financial assistance his nonprofit partners, and other organization that is working to bridge the digital divide.

Other professional developments include the company identified as one of the largest developer/builders of affordable housing in the City of Detroit; a company that has implemented an EEO/Affirmative Action program that consistently exceeded State goals; Developer/Builder of River Park Village at the Whittier, a riverfront development of mixed income elderly apartments in the City of Detroit; Managing Member (of a collaborative effort including Henry Cisneros, American City Vistas, David Hill, Kimball Hill Homes, and U-SNAP-BAC) of City of Detroit’s most comprehensive development project, the Far Eastside; Minority owned vertically integrated design/build development company with over 25 staff with headquarters in Detroit.

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